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Administrative Elections 2013

By voting you can ensure the influence of teaching and research personnel in the university level.

University Collegium
22. Henrik Hedberg

Faculty Board,
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

802. Henrik Hedberg

I am the only candidate of the teaching and research personnel having own earlier experience on the operation and decision making of the University Collegium!

Henrik Hedberg
university teacher, Department of Information Processing Science
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Experience on Positions of Responsibility

  • Member of the University Collegium, 4 years, vice chair
  • Member of the Faculty Council, 8 years
  • Member of the Department Council, 10 years

Teacher and Researcher

Active in the Software Enginering orientation

  • Lecturing two master's level courses currently
  • Founded several new courses
  • Supervised over 20 master's theses and numeral bachelor's theses
  • Been active in degree reorganisations and teaching development

Researching open source software development

  • Licentiate of Philosophy 2005
  • About 20 publications
  • Experience on funding applications and organisation of several research projects
  • Technical coordinator in EU 7th FP project (2008-2011)

My aim is to continue the development of the University Collegium

The University Collegium needs continuation to develop. We have created new ways of doing and made our first important decisions during the past first four years. My aim is to continue this work, in order to enhance the influence of the owners of the "University Inc.", that is academic community, through the University Collegium.

I see that teaching and research personnel's knowledge of day-to-day academic activities should be exploited more as part of the open and conversational decision making. Although the essential statutory tasks of the University Collegium are adoptinng of the financial statements and the nominating the the external members of the Board of Directors, there could be also more powerful ways to cooperate between, for example, the University Board and the University Collegium as well as labor unions.

The University Collegium nominates three new members for the Board of Directors already during the year 2015. My duty after being elected is to make sure that these recruitments supports the main function of the university: teaching and research.

Candidate of the academic other staff


I am JUKO's official candidate running for the University Collegium.

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